Royal Ontario Museum Polarised-Light Microscopy Laboratory

Feldspar Group

Sharred Properties:
Colour in PPL: colourless
Pleochroism: none
Relief: low

Feldspars may be distinguished between each other by a number of properties, but the one most likely to be effective in pottery thin-sections is the twinning:

A feldspar with lamellar twinning is Plagioclase
A feldspar with tartan twinning is Microcline
A feldspar with no twinning is Orthoclase

This is not, of course, strictly accurate, but as long as you state that any untwinned feldspar is said to be orthoclase then any reader will know what you are doing.

Feldspars are the second most commonly occuring mineral next to quartz

Minerals in the Feldspar group are:

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