Royal Ontario Museum Polarised-light Microscopy Laboratory

Thin Section Petrology Data & Image Bank

Authors: Robert B. J. Mason & Kay S. Sunahara

This resource is provided to act as a reference for educational purposes in addition to disseminating our research. It is intended that apart from being an on-line resource, it should be possible to download images of thin-sections for MS Power Point type presentations. When a Power Point resolution file is available, clicking the image will link the user to an image suitable for download. Other links will be provided to images of pottery that have been thin-sectioned, or of types that have been thin-sectioned.

  • Minerals and Other Inclusions in Thin Section: This section provides examples of major minerals or mineral groups found in thin-sections of pottery
  • Petrographic Descriptions: This section provides full petrographic descriptions of petrographically-defined fabrics, or petrofabrics. (in the works)

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